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Am (re)descoperit Ensiferum, si mi se par buni de ascultat in perioada asta So enjoy!

Si sa-mi spuneti ce parere aveti.

Am descoperit un nou magazin de inchiriat costume tematice, insa acesta este mai special.

Il puteti accesa aici: Costumtematic

S-a nascut din pasiunea si curiozitatea Floricai Voicu, profesoara de limba germana, pentru epoca medievala si frumusetea obiceiurilor de atunci. Putem sa ne inchiriem costume medievale, roccoco, sau chiar cu personaje fantastice. Copii au si ei de unde alege:  Spider Man, SuperMan, Pirates etc.

Don`t you just love the old style of clothing? Do you like to have your own Renaissance/Medieval outfit ?

Have you ever thought about creating cloths from Renaissance Fabrics ? Brocade, satin, silk, handcrafted pieces which can make every one a king/queen.

Do you have a special event to attend to and you would like something special to wear ? Maybe you should consider creating your own design (with the help of specialists) and be UNIQUE.

An example of this oportunity:









You can buy this  Fabrics here and much more patterns here : Renaissance-Fabrics

liontorcguyWith our conceptions of the ancient religions of Ireland, should we credit the Druids with the introduction ‘of Sun worship, Serpent reverence, and the adoration of Idols?

We do know by now that Irish pagan people , before Sf Patrick arrived, had their native wisdom system of faith, but my question is:  wha is the value of their ancient knowledge for us, today? To answer this question , we should follow the facts:

– Druids, Witches, blood rituals, superstitions, and elves, in a few words they believe in the nature great spirit, and fear the wrath of spirits. Lets see some of their beliefs:

” -The Irish, like the ancient Jews, held that bad men, especially, could walk this earth after death; and the English law,

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For some time now I fill like my moral values in which I believe is only dust and smoke. Honor, trust and civilty are sthorn apart by  pride, injustice and smugginess. Especially in a small country called Romania , people think they will live longer if they lie, and they can cheat Death when time.

They only way to day is by living continuously, and staying alive 🙂

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