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Knights are symbols for Medieval Age, so I would like to talk about : How to become a knight 🙂

In order to become a knight, a young man would go through three stages. Here is more information about each stage:

Stage 1: Age 7
A page was the first stage of knighthood. He would serve and do easy tasks.

Stage 2: Squire age 14
At fourteen the page would turn into a squire. He would train for battle. He also would have higher tasks of serving the king.

Stage 3: Accolade age 21
An accolade would train hard to become a knight. They learned how to use swords and defend themselves. If an accolade was not successful, he would not turn out to be a knight. If he was successful, he would be a knight. During the ceremony to become a knight, he had to take a bath to wash the sins off and dry himself on a bed.

Stage 4: Knight age 21
A knight could have been knighted as young as twelve. Knights defended castles and worked for Lords.

A knight or chevalier was a professional soldier. He usually was responsible for his weapons, three horses, his attendants and his flag. The three horses each had their own use, one for battle, one for the route and one for luggage. He carried a lance for encounters and a sword for close fighting. He had several attendants, one to conduct the horses, another to handle the heaviest weapons, another to aid him in mounting his horse for battle, and the fourth to guard prisoners. A lance usually carried the flag of whom the knight was fighting. The flag was a distinctive mark of chivalry.

A knight had to pay for his own way. He had to take care of his horse and pay his attendants. Countries did not have any budget to pay the knights. Land was the only riches each Lord had. If he wished to raise an army he divided his land into military fiefs. Tenants were held to military service at their own expense for a number of days.

The knightly profession was the only career. Knighthood was not heraldry. Only the sons of a knight or Lord were eligible to its ranks. These boys were sent to the court of some noble where they were trained to use horses and weapons and were taught lessons of courtesy.


In my opinion knighthood is important in other days, because is a reflexion for: honor, professionalism, perseverence, and ethics.

So, I would like to become a “knight of my profession” for a day…

propagandanamarie2008Inca de cand am pornit acest blog (si nu e mult timp de atunci trecut), mi-am propus sa adun aici ganduri disparate, aer de vacanta, si aluzii de valori morale precum : onoare, cavalerism, cinste, smerenie…

Pentru asa scopuri marete nu pot spune ca am instrumente adecvate la indemana ca sa le ating, insa mi-ar “face placere sa primesc commenturile tale (viewer), si sugestii de imbunatatire, poate imi spui ce iti doresti sa afli despre epoca medievala, sau despre evenimente actuale conectate sau orice idee iti trece prin cap si ai incredere sa o expui unei persoane care se considera foarte “open minded” 😛

Pana atunci voi continua sa va prezint rezultatele periplului meu prin viata dupa tag-uri precum : “medieval”, “cavaleri”, “muzica antica”,” early music”, “symphonic metal”, si …” oameni faini” 🙂
Azi as dori sa va aduc spre atentie o formatie din categoria “medieval roots music”, (don`t google it, cause is my invention ):


“The beginnings of Narsilion music date back to year 1999, when Sathorys Elenorth starts out a solo project where the fantastic side of medieval tradition blends with neoclassical parts inspired by sadness, loneliness and nature as essential milestones… Not much later, in year 2000, Sathorys Elenorts records his first demo with the name “Lacrima Profundere”, to which two more demos follow: “Ancient medieval times” and “Atumnal caress”…

Currently, Narsilion are about to give life to their second album that will be called “Arcadia”, a mystic land filled with ancient woods and deep lakes dreamed by the Mother Moon’s embrace, where the winds dance close to their memories and the sunrises cry endlessly like golden tears shed in the middle of the autumnal hug… It’s time to dream forever… In the land of the silver tears… Narsilion…”

Pagina lor de pe myspace va poate oferi mai multe informatii+ fragmente de melodii, so….enter my lord 🙂