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This weekend I had the pleasure to hear about a Festival of Medieval Music, that takes place in Transylvania. From 19 until 26 July 2009, Early Music sounds were heard in Cluj, Carei, Miercurea Ciuc and other locations.

When looking at the Programm of the Festival, my wish to have the time to participate to the event, raised. Conferences and workshops on playing early music instruments were combined with music performed by :

Orchestra de Camera Ciuc

Hortus Musicus (Estonia)

Musica Historica etc

I`m really glad that such events are held, and I think such events can work on the gap that modern man has, after listening allday modern music. And they are necessary because they can give us new sensations and refine our taste in music, with forgetten sensations…

Unfortunately, I have heard about this event too late to take holiday and go to Transylvania, but I have enjoyed a lot the Festival`s pictures. Seems to be a great experience. Enjoy:

Forgot to ask:

Has anyone attended the Festival? Can someone share his/her experience with us ? 🙂 I would be happy to hear info from you.

More information : Musica Antiqua