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If you feel like walking on moon, and smelling teen spirits in a rose garden,…or just need a break from reality, open your browser and embrace : Byron

Feel a warmth to your soul ? It`s started 🙂 Enjoy

A friend from renaissance dance group Passeggio, told me about a wonderful occasion to experience the medieval setting during winter.
At Gyula, in Hungary, near the border with Romania, it is organized a Medieval Carnival between 5-7 February 2010, and we are all invited. Starting with 2004, the city of Gyula is organizing the event, and for this year the program seems full of surprises.
Medieval music , old crafts and battle simulations, with artists from all over the world. But for me I think the joy will be the renaissance ball, where I can learn to dance in the old style ;).

For the full program and details, go to : Gyula Carnival Renaissance

These days I was feeling like something was missing from my inner state of spirit, so I lost time on the internet just googling and tubing.

At a glance I saw Nightwish- Sleeping Sun video, I couldn`t help to watch it…. There it was, 1 video, 2 videos, 3 videos, Nightwish has comeback to me. The old school Nightwish and they`re music brought my good humor back.

The Carpenter, Bless the Child, Sacrament of Wilderness, they all have that Gothic Medieval feeling, dark and magic.

Yes, I said it, I like the magic side of medieval time, when people still believed in spirits and God, and when everything was possible if you believe hard enough. And of course 🙂 When girls dressed in beautiful colored cloths.

Enjoy !