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Am avut placerea sa aflu ca s-a organizat un mini festival de muzica veche, la Casa de Cultura a Studentilor Preoteasa Bucuresti.
Intre 26 octombrie si 28 octombrie 2010 se desfasoara concerte de muzica medievala si renascentista clasica. Trupele care i-au parte la acest eveniment sunt: Truverii (niste “obsinuiti” ai Casei de Cultura Preoteasa si cu istorie de concerte reusite), Duo Continuo si Anton Pann.
Pentru cei care au luat deja parte la aceste concerte, astept pareri si …poze 🙂
Pentru cei care vor sa mearga maine seara, am vesti bune: Intrarea este gratuita.

A friend from renaissance dance group Passeggio, told me about a wonderful occasion to experience the medieval setting during winter.
At Gyula, in Hungary, near the border with Romania, it is organized a Medieval Carnival between 5-7 February 2010, and we are all invited. Starting with 2004, the city of Gyula is organizing the event, and for this year the program seems full of surprises.
Medieval music , old crafts and battle simulations, with artists from all over the world. But for me I think the joy will be the renaissance ball, where I can learn to dance in the old style ;).

For the full program and details, go to : Gyula Carnival Renaissance

ziua_2_11 Pentru toti nobilii si domnitele lor, s-au deschis portile Festivalului de Muzica Veche Bucuresti 2009.

Intre 17-23 octombrie 2009, solisti si trupe de muzica culta veche (early music), din Europa , au acceptat invitatia si ne vor incanta cu acorduri fine de lauta, clavecin, harpa, chitara.

Evenimentul este organizat mai riguros decat anul trecut si au fost alese locatii cu o acustica deosebita , cum ar fi Ateneul Roman.De asemenea toate concertele sunt cu bilet , sau se poate achita abonament.

E un eveniment rar, si care da posibilitatea sa experimentati altceva :

This weekend I had the pleasure to hear about a Festival of Medieval Music, that takes place in Transylvania. From 19 until 26 July 2009, Early Music sounds were heard in Cluj, Carei, Miercurea Ciuc and other locations.

When looking at the Programm of the Festival, my wish to have the time to participate to the event, raised. Conferences and workshops on playing early music instruments were combined with music performed by :

Orchestra de Camera Ciuc

Hortus Musicus (Estonia)

Musica Historica etc

I`m really glad that such events are held, and I think such events can work on the gap that modern man has, after listening allday modern music. And they are necessary because they can give us new sensations and refine our taste in music, with forgetten sensations…

Unfortunately, I have heard about this event too late to take holiday and go to Transylvania, but I have enjoyed a lot the Festival`s pictures. Seems to be a great experience. Enjoy:

Forgot to ask:

Has anyone attended the Festival? Can someone share his/her experience with us ? 🙂 I would be happy to hear info from you.

More information : Musica Antiqua

In aceasta perioada incepem s ane gandim deja cum ne petrecem vacanta pe anul asta, asa incat am zis sa fac o sugestie:

Festival Mediaval 11-13 Septembrie 2009 ( Germany )

Vrei sa va petreceti cateva zile magice printre cavaleri, printese si vrajitori ? Sau cel putin in acea atmosfera 🙂

Atunci facetiva timp sa treceti si pe la acest eveniment. Cortul, berea, imbracamintea lejera..check…prietenii…checked, ready to party 😀

Festival Mediaval (pentru detalii)

liontorcguyWith our conceptions of the ancient religions of Ireland, should we credit the Druids with the introduction ‘of Sun worship, Serpent reverence, and the adoration of Idols?

We do know by now that Irish pagan people , before Sf Patrick arrived, had their native wisdom system of faith, but my question is:  wha is the value of their ancient knowledge for us, today? To answer this question , we should follow the facts:

– Druids, Witches, blood rituals, superstitions, and elves, in a few words they believe in the nature great spirit, and fear the wrath of spirits. Lets see some of their beliefs:

” -The Irish, like the ancient Jews, held that bad men, especially, could walk this earth after death; and the English law,

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